Shepherd 1-2 At first Dutch Championship BC08 at Amca

Sometimes you have a race that stands out due to its competition and excitement, this was definitively one of those races. This weekend the first national championship was held on the nice track of AMCA Apeldoorn, during a perfect sunny day. During the Saturday we already noticed very fast lap times and also some hurdles to overtake. Joey Sorber setting his personal fastest lap during this practice day, Marco Kruse getting known with his new Shepherd and Arie Manten trying to cope with the changing circumstances on this track.

The Sunday started with an great battle from Max Verstappen ending 3rd during his race in China, after this it was time to get ready for our own race. Joey started off from fist spot in the fastest heat followed by Jeffrey Rietveld and Arie Manten. Joey and Jeffrey had a clean run with Joey ending on first spot. The second qualifier again showed a battle between Joey and Jeffrey, now with Jeffrey ending on fist spot. As of this year we count the two best qualifiers, so the 3rd qualifier should give the decision. Joey started fast and took off but after two minutes his engine ran just a bit too lean and needed to let go. Also Arie Manten had a good pace and secured a 3rd allover spot for the A-Main.

The A-Main started at 16:00 for a 30 minute drive. The start was clean for most cars, Jeffrey, Joey and Arie took off and distanced them from the rest of the pack at the start. Joey was following a 4 minute fuel strategy, about the same as Jeffrey but Arie had a strategic plan to run 5 minutes, saving one additional fuel stop. After about 9 minutes Jeffrey did a tire change while Joey And Arie stayed on track chasing each other within half a lap. This situation stayed the same for almost the rest of the 20 minute drive and at the end Arie’s strategy payed of at the 2nd last corner before the finish line while Joey was driving on his last 1mm foam and could not defend anymore.

A great race with two Shepherd Velox V8 WC cars on the highest positions. Two Shepherd drivers who will fight for the Dutch Championship this year, Arie Manten and Joey Sorber.

Thanks guy’s for a great relaxed weekend and the best result! Thanks AMCA for a perfect arranged weekend, it was top!

Pieter Sorber

Team Manager Shepherd BeNeLux

Arie Manten extends his contract with Shepherd.

Arie Manten, vice European champion 40+ renews his contract with Shepherd Micro Racing and @ConSultTrading for the next two seasons. Together with his pit-crew Sander Borghoff and Mario Gerssen they will continue racing several Shepherd cars, including Velox F1 and Velox V8.

Arie and his crew are big supporters of our racing fun, and a great presence at almost all national and international races. We are proud to have them in our team.


Edwin Busschers wins AMCA Dutch national (Nomac class).

We received a nice report from former European champion Edwin Busschers about hit Dutch National race at Amca Apeldoorn.

After 15 years of absence RC car racing never let me go, last year I decided to pick up my remote control. This race at AMCA was my first nr. one podium again in the Nomac class, it tastes like more!

Qualifications went extremely well, 20 laps in 5 minutes with a few mistakes. During the 3rd qualifier I was on track for 21 laps but due to a small mistake I lost 8 costly seconds resulting again in 20 laps total.

After the 3 quali rounds we needed to wait for some time as I was placed for the B-finals. Dark clouds packed and it started to rain… As my car was not setup for a wet race I packet my stuff and prepared to watch some nice finals, till Alex Eveling showed up. He offered his fully prepped rain car to me in order to continue my race. After some hesitation I agreed to do so,

My B final started in full wet with 5 other competitors, at the start I noticed that I had not enough steering and no brakes at all. This forced me to start cruising the race and hoped that somebody would retire. Happily I ended up following two NK drivers, resulting in my first won Nomac class race!!! (we drive mixed NK-master and Nomac-sports class)

Ik want to thank Alex Everling for his great “wet” Velox!

Edwin Busschers

Nice NK 1:10 IC race weekend at Real80

The Dutch nitro 10-scale championship was held at the most Northern track of Holland at Real80 Groningen last weekend. This time without rain, drivers could enjoy the sun combined with a good atmosphere. Because of the holiday season, attendance was lower than normal but this did not affect the joy at all.

Shepherd Team driver Roy Bakker arrived later than expected on the Saturday afternoon. After meticulously rebuilding his Velox V10, he could not push himself to start the epic journey too early in the morning. Once arrived at the track he faced several transmitter challenges to overcome due to his new TX set from Sanwa, it did off cause not stop him from racing fast.

During the Sunday, (somewhat blurred due to late-night liquids) it took some time to find the right pace. Tuning a stock engine turned out to be a bad-ass challenge! Happily but still with a half broken glow-plug, Roy was able to secure 2nd spot overall just behind Daan Jacobs.

The main final feld longer than normal but ended with a sweet 2nd spot overall.

Well done Roy!

Team Shepherd Benelux




Podium at Gouda for Velox V8 EC

A good weekend is in my opinion the best phrase of the Dutch Nationals V8 last weekend at the technical track of Gouda, MBC de Sluis. During whole weekend Shepherd scored the best laptimes, with exception of  RickV and his new car.

Jeffrey Rietveld was very fast on his home track, sometimes even a challenge for RickV. Not far behind Joey Sorber who won last year and closely followed by Arie Manten. Jeroen van Iperen driving very strong as well.

After qualifying Jeffrey positioned himself on 2nd spot, followed by Arie Manten on 3rd, Joey 4th and Jeroen van Iperen as 6th directly for the A-main final.

Sadly Roy Bakker had to retire in the last 5 minutes of the B-main, and also Peter Ende just missing 2nd spot, resulting in 4 Velox cars in the A-main.

The A-main started out clean with Jeffrey pushing on 2nd spot, closely followed by Joey on 3rd and Arie on 4th. During time all had serval issues, bees flying around on the rostrum, engines suddenly running rich and also the “normal” racing incidents.

At the end RickV won the final, followed by 5 cars driving in the same lap. Jeffrey finishing 2nd who overtook Frank Baggen in the last lap, finishing 3rd.

Thanks for your great time and fun! Mat, good luck with your caravan! 😉
@ConSult Trading


Dual podium for Velox V8 EC

During the weekend of the 15th of May, the first round of the Dutch championship V8 was held at the racetrack at Groningen Real80.

During the whole weekend, team Shepherd Benelux worked together to get the best setup for this difficult track. It paid off big time, resulting in 4 Shepherd cars in the main final. Jeroen van Iperen drove from the B final into the A, Jeffrey van Rietveld placed him self directly in the A final, together with Joey Sorber and Arie Manten as fastest Velox driver. Sadly Roy Bakker retired during the B final, he we would and should be in the A for sure.

At the beginning of the race Arie Manten and Jeroen van Iperen encountered problems, Joey en Jeffrey got free way to drive to the front and never gave away their positions after some good fights with co-cometitors.

Final result of the Masterclass:

  • 1st RickV
  • 2nd Joey Sorber
  • 3rd Jeffrey Rietveld


Well done guy’s! Lets do this again in Gouda.




Shepherd Micro Racing scores at MBC de Sluis

The first of May was a good day for Shepherd during the clubrace at MBS de Sluis at Gouda.

During qualifying the Velox V10 and F1 did extremely well. Martijn Aarden and Alex Everling took the first row and Peter Ende pole with his Velox F1.

During the finals the drivers were able to even improve!

In 1/10 scale Martijn Aarden the overall win, followed by Alex Everling on 2nd place.

In the F1 Peter Ende was able to take the overall win, followed by Alex Everling on 3rd place.

In the 1/8 scale, Jeroen van Ieperen took the overall win.

A perfect result and good start of this new season!

Reporter: Alex Everling

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Shepherd BullX8E wins at Grou

Marnix Bul wins with his Shepherd BullX8E at Grou (Friesland)

It was the last winter indoor race of the season. Qualifications went reasonable, I ended up on the 4th spot overall. Within the semi I was able to finish second after some small racing incidents.

I started from 4th place at the A-Mail final, after 12 minutes I took the lead and finished 1st overall.

The BullX8E is a durable strong car with a lot of potential for in- and outdoor competition.

I want to thank my sponsors for the car during this winter-season, getting ready outdoor nitro starting at the 24th of April at Helmond.


Marnix Bul